What Automotive Service Technicians and Mechanics Do

Anyone that has ever had car trouble can attest to the importance of having a sound mechanic on speed dial. No matter how sophisticated automobiles become, they will always need to be repaired by someone that understands the vehicle inside and out. Service technicians and mechanics are vital, important, and necessary. Mechanics play a vital role in the automobile industry but their hard work goes unnoticed and un-congratulated by the masses. Fixing cars is hard work and many people do not fully realize what mechanics and auto technicians do that make their job so important.

We have summarized the role that auto mechanics play and what they actually do in the following article.

The Role of an Auto Mechanic
Auto mechanics in more ways than one are highly trained professionals. It is their job to inspect, service, repair, and diagnose issues related to automotive repair and body work. They have a knowledge base that lends itself to many types of moving vehicles from trucks and buses, to cars, SUVS, and motorcycles. Many are familiar with more than the vehicle’s body but have a knowledge of the interior software including the diagnostic panel and the on board computer system.

Training to become an auto mechanic can take from one to three years. There are various courses offered at regional technical colleges and vocational schools nation wide. As cars become more technically advanced auto mechanics have to keep up with the evolving technologies and functionality of the modern vehicle. Most mechanics are self-employed, work for major dealerships, or independent auto repair shops. Some mechanics opt to go for additional training and and become certified with the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. This is a written exam that adds another layer of expertise to auto mechanics looking to increase their marketable and employable skills.

Average Salary
The annual salary of an auto mechanic can vary greatly since there are so many variables that go into how much one is paid. Location, experience, and credentials all play a role in determining how much money the average mechanic makes annually. The average salary is about $18/hour according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2009.

Although many look down on the work of auto mechanics, the work that they do is vital to those who depend on a working vehicle to get them from point A to point B. It is one of a few professions that remains secure despite the fluctuations in the economy. The work that auto mechanics do is oftentimes taken for granted by the masses even though most people have no idea how to fix a car.

For anyone interested in the profession a simple web search is all that is needed to learn how to become a professional auto technician or mechanic.

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