The Ugly Truth of Pedestrian-Related Accidents

sj6Very rarely can every person share a common characteristic, but when they do, it truly puts common aspects into a new perspective. At one point in time, you are going to be a pedestrian. A trip to the store, a jog, and crossing the street are all common activities that force you to be a pedestrian, even for a brief period of time. Even if the walk to your car takes you one minute or less, that small timeframe can result in a tragic moment for you. How is that possible, you ask? There are a multitude of factors that contribute to pedestrian-related accidents, and they cause nearly five thousand or more deaths and injuries each year.

Distracted Drivers

It seems that you cannot turn on the news without hearing about some kind of texting and driving accident. The reason you hear about these accidents so frequently is simply because they happen each day, and people never seem to grasp the fact that this is a lethal action. You might be in the crosswalk, but a distracted driver looking at their phone, in their mirror, or at something across the street will not take notice of your anti-jaywalking behavior. There it is: You are struck or you witnessed someone being struck. Does this eye witness account mean anything? Well, it depends on the sequential action taken.

The Time of Day

Believe it or not, certain times of day increase the probability of a pedestrian-related accident. Two to four in the afternoon are times when children are getting out of school. High schools who have just gotten their licenses are excitedly on the road, and their inexperience can often be devastating. Additionally, people are more active during summer months, and as a care-free attitude ensues, so does care-free driving.

What to Do?

If you witnessed someone being struck by a vehicle, disclose that to law enforcement; If you were the victim of a pedestrian-related crash, seek legal advice immediately because you undoubtedly have a case. Attorneys who specialize in this litigation, like those at Siegfried and Jensen, understand the necessary means to fight for your justice. They know the tricks, the points that are typically fabricated, and what constitutes distracted or inexperienced driving. Acting quickly is immensely beneficial and helps alleviate the costs for medical bills, therapy, and other personal damage.

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