Job Options For A Trained Auto Mechanic

CarSo you’ve thinking about going back to school to become a trained auto mechanic. There are a number of schools that specialize in auto mechanics and once certified you have the option of operating your own auto repair shop, work out of your own garage or go to work for someone else.

Once you pass your ASE exam,there are several career opportunities available to certified mechanics. You can specialize in auto repair, auto hvac, transmissions, small engines, front end, brake specialist, or vehicle maintenance, just to name a few. You will be trained to inspect, repair, and maintain not only cars, but trucks and other vehicles. Since there are so many different types of automobiles on the road these days, you will not only work with gasoline, but diesel and electrical powered vehicles.

Automobiles are also either foreign or domestic, so you will need to learn how to work on both since the parts are different. You can become a specialist in one or more areas of repair if you choose. If you choose to become a high performance mechanic, you will learn to care for high performance engines.

You may want to consider going into management. If you have extensive on the job training, are great working with the public, and can diagnose and repair a wide range of automobile problems, you will most likely be able to qualify for a management position. With the proper training, you are not just limited to working at your local repair shop.

You may want to look into careers with your local state or federal agencies. You also have the option to work for automobile manufactures, or even automobile assembly lines. Don’t rule out service stations or even your local auto dealership.

The choice is really up to you. There are quite a few options available for a trained auto mechanic that are rewarding and challenging. You’re sure to make great pay as an auto mechanic as well. Your school may be able to assist you with job placement. Once you have your degree, and while you’re searching for just the right company to work for, you may want to work on friend’s vehicle for a little extra experience. That way once you start applying for a job you will have some references and proof of your skills and ability as an auto mechanic.

So check out all the options that are available to you and decide on a rewarding career as a trained auto mechanic today. You won’t be sorry.