How to Gain The Skills to Become an Auto Mechanic

If you love cars and everything about cars, you may be considering a job as an auto mechanic. Everyone who ever had their car or truck break down knows the value of a good mechanic, and with the right skills, good manual dexterity, and the desire to solve problems you can be one yourself.


An auto mechanic, or more formally automobile service technician, maintains and repairs cars and trucks. This requires that you keep up to date with current automotive technologies and maintenance techniques. Here are a few steps that will get you in the right direction.


Start your training in high school.


Like any skill-based profession, your auto mechanic training needs to start as early as possible. You can do this by taking advantage of the various vocational programs offered to high school students. You want to study both auto repair and some courses in the electrical trades. You are going to need some basic math and science training as well.


Learn the basics and how they changed over the years.


The first major step to become an auto mechanic is to learn the trade. Your best bet is to seek out either an apprenticeship at a shop or a good training program at a local community college or technical school. Good, well-qualified auto mechanics are hard to find, and shops are willing to deal with any promising prospect. You should also brush up your reading and writing skills as well basic computer literacy. If you can do both an apprenticeship and go to school, do it.


Obtain your National Institute for Automobile Service Excellence (ASE) certification.


After you complete your training at your accredited training school and worked in the industry for about a year, you will be eligible to take the ASE exam. You owe it to yourself to take the exam. ASE certification is available for a variety of automobile systems and many shops won’t accept applications without at least one. Be aware that you need all 8 certificates to consider a master.


Be open for the right opportunity.


The last and final step is finding work. Mechanics are paid based on productivity, so your par will be partially based on the type of work your employer handles. Look for employers that offer services you prefer doing. If you love the work, you will find it easy to be productive. You also want an employer who offers continued training and recertification.


Once you do all of this, you can call yourself an auto mechanic. In time, you will have the experience and reputation to start your own shop. Until, you can still find some enjoy me working on the cars and trucks you love.

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