Automtive Technician Job Description

Searching for a job can be stressful and tedious . Knowing what your skills are before you begin will help make this search easier. Starting with an entry level job and working your way up in the industry of choice might be wise. At times just having a steady income to contribute to yourself, or family is good enough for most. If you are a person who has a love for cars, car repair, or just a love for the industry in general, a job as an Automotive Technician might suit you well.

An automotive technician is a nurse to your vehicle. When you are sick or “broken” you see a doctor or a nurse and they perform the necessary measures to ensure your body is back to being healthy and performing well. An automotive technician can be described in a similar way but with a vehicle. As an automotive technician a person can expect to perform a standard test or routine if you will, to ensure a vehicle passes inspection, perform oil and other fluid changes, perform minor repairs, and other basic maintenance work with all types of vehicles.

Most would think when applying for an entry level job as an automotive technician one would not be required to have much of an educational background or work experience. As an entry level automotive technician most businesses or places hiring require their entry level techs to possess a valid driver’s license, have some work experience changing oil, and doing repairs to a vehicle, and some educational background. Educational requirements for an entry level automotive technician are that the technician must possess at least one year of experience working in a professional garage, posses an up to date National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification, or have received a degree from an automotive technician school (example: Wyotech). While customer service experience is not required when entering into an entry level position as an automotive technician, it is recommended. A technician will have to interact with customers on a daily basis and be able to communicate with them in a professional, friendly manner.

If a person or persons is looking for a higher level automotive technician job than entry level they must posses a greater amount of work and educational experience. This automotive technician position is most often called a Mid-Level Automotive technician. This position would require a person to have 3 years of experience working in a professional garage or automotive setting, and have 3 up to date ASE certifications, as well as a valid driver’s license. A mid-level technician is expected to perform the same duties as an entry level technician as well as having knowledge of the wheel and tire equipment and diagnostic systems.

There is of course the highest level of an Automotive Technician that being the master-level. As a mater-level automotive technician one can aspect to have a valid driver’s license, have a knowledge of diagnostic and repair systems , 5 years of experience in a professional garage or setting, and a minimum of eight AES certificates.

An automotive technician’s salary varies with each level given to the technician. An entry level technician can be expected to make anywhere from $8.50 to $15.00 and hour. Where as a master automotive technician is expected to make between $25.00 to 35.00 dollars an hour depending on the technicians place of employment.