An auto tech are specialized repairman that work in shops, where they fix and inspect vehicles. Depending on the location and type, an auto tech work on many different parts of a car including the transmissions, belts, hoses, cooling systems and more. They are the ones responsibly for fixing any issues or damage to your car, and make sure it safe to drive again.

Most auto techs are found working in garages or repair shops, surrounded by many different cars. Many open up their own business and focus on their own personal specialty, although some big tech shops focus on nearly everything.

Unlike many other careers, you do not need a college degree to become an auto tech. However, now a days many shops are wanting auto tech degrees. Experience and training is the biggest key in scoring a job as an auto tech.

As far as payment goes, auto techs are usually paid by the amount of work they do, known as a “flat rate”. However, some shops do pay by the hour. The national average earned by auto techs across the country is 36,560 a year, while hourly wages are around 18 dollars on average. Being a top auto tech in your region can make you up to 60,000 dollars. According to the BLS, those who attain a certificate from the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence are paid much more.

Although the payment is not as high, being an auto tech means always having a job and getting easy opportunities to open your own shop and create your very own company, which will make you a greater income. Auto tech’s make different amount of money depending on what they focus on, their region and who they work for. However, it is a very beneficial job to those who love to repair.